Repair Building Envelope BLDG 2032 – Whiteman AFB

This was a “Fast Tracked Design/Build” Project for the 509th Medical Group at BLDG 2032, Whiteman AFB, MO.

This project had strict requirements for avoidance of Adverse Mission Impact. Any construction that would have impacted or exposed the patients/staff to noise, heavy odor, potential hazard or utility outages where performed on weekends, facility training days, night time off hours and holidays.

  • Design and installation by ASHRAE 90.1 2016, UFC 1-200-02, UFC- 4-510-01 and Quality Standards & Design Principles Applicable to the Repair, Replacement & Modernization of Air Force Medical Facility Infrastructure Systems & Assets
  • The project was broken into six items, where MEP items are items 4 through 6
  • New Air Handling Units were designed to meet the requirements of the AFMSA 9.1 HFD Quality Design Guide.
  • All new Air Handling Units have two plug fans.  By doing this, a fan motor can fail on one fan and system will still be able to provide 70% of the design air flow
  • Air Handling systems control design include a minimum outdoor air damper with integral air measuring station that will measure the outdoor air volume. 
  • Airflow stations were provided at both the supply and return/exhaust fan.  Duct static pressure setpoint will reset based on demand from VAV terminal units.
  • New chiller was a magnetic oil-free bearing type to provide 40% energy savings on the operation of the chiller.

ITEM 0001 – Replace Facility Low Sloped Roofs

Work Included:

  • Removal and disposal of the existing modified bitumen roof systems down to the structural deck, including all insulation, membrane wall flashing, associated sheet metal flashings, lightening protection system, gutters, obsolete equipment and penetrations to allow for the installation of a new modified bitumen roof system with tapered insulation and related components.
  • Installation of a new tapered insulation system as needed, customized for the specific drainage characteristics of the roof drainage system. The resulting slope of the system shall be a minimum of ¼” per foot, achieving positive drainage throughout the entire roof surface, including between the drains which shall be sumped below the adjacent roof surface
  • MAWP Tested all roof drains to assure they are operable. Sizes and locations of all drainage components, including overflow scuppers, were engineered to meet applicable minimum plumbing code requirements.
  • MAWP removed and reinstalled all roof mounted HVAC equipment and plumbing as necessary to allow for the roof replacement.
  • MAWP replaced and repaired roof drains as required.

ITEM 0004 – Mechanical Bldg. 2032

Work Included:

  • Constructed maintenance enclosures around Air Handling Units AHU-5, AHU-6 and AHU-7 consisting of metal framing wall panels and standing seam metal roof panels and flooring. The enclosures allowed proper access to all mechanical equipment for maintenance and repair.
  • Provided three new air handling units complete with chilled water-cooling coils, hot water pre-heat coils, MERV-8 Pre-Filters, MERV-14 Intermediate Filters downstream of supply fan, relief air sections, mixing sections and temperature controls. The mixing sections were designed to prevent stratification of outside air while delivering design minimum outside air flow down to -16°F without tripping the unit off on low temperature cutout. Controls communicated with existing JCI Metasys Controls System. Fan modulation was accomplished with Variable Frequency Drives to maintain the required discharge static pressure measured two-thirds down the supply ductwork.
  • Used existing chilled water line for cooling, and extend heating water lines from the First Floor Heating Water secondary pumps to the pre-heat coils in the unit. Piping was ran above the ceiling in finished spaces on the second floor. Work was coordinated with the Medical Group to minimize mission disruption in the clinic.
  • Balanced airflow at all VAV boxes, supply air diffusers, return air and exhaust air registers. Added a VAV box with reheat to serve rooms 2F08 and 2F09. Modified the ductwork on box VAV-G 5.2B-02 to serve only the Medical Commanders office suite.
  • Roof drains and vent piping where relocated as needed to allow for construction of new penthouses.

ITEM 0005 – Replace Cooling Tower

Work Included:

  • During the non-cooling months of the year, the existing two-cell cooling tower was removed in its entirety and replaced with new 2 cell cooling tower where each cell is rated at 200 TONs. The basin was drained in its entirety after existing cooling tower was removed and coated with Blezona 5811.
  • Replaced cooling tower pumps with new split case pumps. Included new pump trim, valving and accessories.
  • Provided side filtration system manufactured by PEP filter.
  • Installed new DDC system for the cooling tower system and integrated with existing BAS. 
  • Temporarily removed the make-up water line to existing cooling towers as needed to allow for new work then re-installed.
  • Removed power from an existing cooling tower to allow for removal
  • Provided new VFDs for cooling tower fans.  Integrated VFDs with existing BAS.  Provided control point from local DDC panel for enabling and fan speed control

ITEM 0006 – Add Second Centrifugal Chiller

Work Included:

  • Installed a new 125 TON chiller in the lower level mechanical room where the existing was removed under a previous project.
  • Prepped area where new chiller is to be installed including housekeeping pad, electrical and controls
  • Installed condenser and chilled water piping
  • During the non-cooling months of the year replaced chilled water pumps.  Provided and install a new refrigerant monitoring system for the new chiller.
  • Installed all accessories including relief vent piping to the exterior
  • Installed new 2-position control valves on the CHWR leaving each chiller.  Integrated new valves with existing DDC system. 
  • Provided new control valves on each chillers condenser and evaporator bundle to modulate to maintain the design pressure drop through the respective chiller.
  • Installed new DDC system for the new chiller.
  • Routed new 6-inch CHWS and CHWR from new chiller to existing chilled water piping.

  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Size
  • MAWP Role
  • Date Project Began
  • Actual Finish Date
  • Whiteman AFB - MO
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Over 70,000 SQFT
  • Mechanical & Plumbing, Contractor
  • March 2019
  • March 2020