Water Treatment

MAWP has been in the water treatment business since long before its incorporation in 1990. We take the time to talk to each client about their water usage habits and water quality. We test the water to identify specific areas of concern such as excessive lime, sodium, rust, etc. MAWP can customize a water treatment system especially suited for the individual client.

Water softener Benefits:

  • Saves money
  • Cleaner hair and softer skin
  • Reduce soap scum and mineral deposits makes cleaning easier
  • Cleaner clothes from the washer
  • Spot free dishes
  • Softer and longer lasting clothes by reducing minerals trapped in the fabric
  • Appliances will last longer due to reduced scale buildup
  • Less soap usage due to rich lather

Reverse Osmosis System Benefits:

  • Improves taste, odor and appearance
  • Eliminates sodium & lead
  • Highly effective purification process
  • Consumes no energy
  • Flushes away pollutants
  • Easy to keep clean