Community Memorial Healthcare – Marysville, KS

Community Memorial Healthcare is a $17 million dollar hospital facility located in Marysville, Kansas. The hospital has 25 patient rooms, 15 private, 4 semi-private and two labor delivery rooms. This new hospital replaced the original outdated hospital that was built in 1958.

Mid-American Water & Plumbing teamed with EMC of Kansas City to bid a complete HVAC and Plumbing package.

The plumbing included specialty fixtures such as Scrub Sinks, Clinic Sinks, Surgeons Sinks and a Sitz Bath. Culligan Hi-Flo Commercial Water Softener and G2 Series Reverse Osmosis System. Two – 250 Gallon PVI Polyshield Water Heaters. Amico brand med gas equipment and Patton’s Medical 10 HP Oil-less Rotary Vane Medical Vacuum.

Some of the challenges included offsite material storage and preparation areas, congested above ceiling space, challenging project schedule.

  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Size
  • MAWP Role
  • Date Project Began
  • Actual Finish Date
  • Marysville, KS
  • Community Memorial Healthcare
  • 48,092 SQFT
  • Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor
  • November 2009
  • January 2011