Chapman High School – USD 473

Chapman High School was designed using 14 heat pump units ranging in size from 850 CFM to 10,000 CFM located throughout the BLDG. Fresh air was supplied using four energy recovery units ranging from 790 CFM to 3,615 CFM. One 5,466 MBH cooling tower with variable speed fans was located on the roof for heat extraction and included a 760-gallon fiberglass sump tank located in the mechanical room and a plate and frame heat exchanger to separate cooling tower system from the heat pump system. A Dolphin water treatment system was installed on the cooling tower system for water treatment. Hot water was provided by using three 1,060 MBH modulating condensing boilers. A 3,750 CFM kitchen exhaust hood and 3,750 CFM make up air unit was installed for the new kitchen. A Honeywell DDC control system was used for the HVAC system.

The plumbing included a commercial water softener to serve the entire BLDG’s domestic water supply. Domestic hot water was provided by eight instantaneous water heaters cascaded together. Low flow fixtures and flush valves were used to minimize water usage.

  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Size
  • MAWP Role
  • Date Project Began
  • Actual Finish Date
  • Chapman, KS
  • USD 473
  • 130,000 sqft
  • Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor
  • August 2009
  • February 2011