Robert “Skip” Cansler


Robert (Skip) Cansler, Master Plumber, is the President of Mid-American Water & Plumbing.

Skip began working for Mid-American Water & Plumbing in 1993 and is one of the first employees hired when the company began doing mechanical subcontract work at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Skip oversees all field operations and job site management for Mid-American Water & Plumbing.

Skip’s experience with scheduling and coordinating MAWP’s workforce with other contractors and building occupants have helped solidify the relationship between Mid-American Water & Plumbing and the surrounding communities. In addition, his years of experience working on simultaneously scheduled projects has given him a complete understanding of the importance of construction schedules, material management, and meeting critical deadlines.

Contact Info

Robert (Skip) Cansler
President / Owner

Mid-American Water & Plumbing Inc.
5009 Murray Rd.
Manhattan, KS 66503

Office: (785) 537-1072
Cell: (785) 313-3054
Fax: (785) 776-8660
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