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Solar Hydronic Heating







Project Description/Scope:

Mid-American Solar is an innovative solar company capable of providing Custom built Solar heating systems based on the customer needs. Reference a recent project providing Solar heat to four individually temperature controlled rooms of a farrowing and nursery house at local swine operation.

Sequence of operation:

As the temperature sensor (T1) located at the top of collectors reaches a temperature sixteen degrees above the tank temperature (T2) collector pump starts. Collector pump continues to run until the temperature differential fall to six degrees difference between T1 and T2 and then shuts off. Or until the tank temperature reaches tank temperature set point. Room heat is controlled by existing two stage controllers provided by customer. Stage one of the individual room controllers will activate pumps as needed provided that the tank temperature is above 85 degrees, proven by a tank temperature switch mounted on the lower right area of the hot tank. This switch will close the circuit in the Mid-American Solar controller Terminals T1 & T2. Any of the four pumps activated will circulate solar heated hot water to fin tube emitters mounted within the individual rooms giving up the stored BTU's of heat as needed. Should the heating requirements of the rooms become greater than the heating capacity of the solar heated fin tube the second stage of the customer provided controller will activated gas fired unit heaters within the individual rooms. This system will also provide hot water for clean up of the rooms by simply attaching a garden hose to the built-in heat exchanger. The heat exchanger system will now provide safe potable water for use as needed.

Location Seneca, KS
Client Farmer
Project Size N/A
MAWP Role Mechanical and Plumbing Contractor
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