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Kansas State University - Coles Hall







Project Description/Scope:

Our work included Installation of Automatic sash controls and air monitoring systems on 23 existing lab hoods and the installation of 8 new lab hoods within the building. Switching over of existing utilities to the new hoods, the installation of static pressure controls on the exhaust fans, installing pressure relief ducts and dampers for the exhaust fan systems. We also installed new VAV boxes to each room to be able to control room pressures. This increases the buildings efficiency by limiting the amount of conditioned air in the building from being exhausted when lab hoods are not in use. This is achieved by having automatic sash controllers that raise and lower based of sensors that detect if a person is using the hood. If no one is using the hood for three minutes the sash controllers will automatically close the door to the lab hood and slow down the exhaust air leaving the hood to the required minimum settings. As the exhaust fans build pressure due to door closing the static pressure controller at the exhaust fans will open a bleed damper to pull the lost air from outside and it exhaust it instead of the conditioned building air.

Location Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS
Client Kansas State University
Project Size N/A
MAWP Role Mechanical and Plumbing Contractor
Date Project Began December 2011
Actual Finish Date January 2012