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Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Mid American is proud to have worked successfully with each succeeding General Contractor on the Job Order Contract (JOC) at Fort Riley since its inception. 

1992 – 1995   
MCC Construction, completed over 100 delivery orders in 3 years.

1995 – 1999   
Yeargin/Rust Constructors, completed over 200 delivery orders in 4 years.

1999 – 2004   
Gracon Corporation, completed over 200 delivery orders in 4 years.

2004 – 2011   
All Cities Enterprises, completed over 650 delivery orders to date in 8 years.

2008 – 2012   
Gracon Corporation, completed  295 delivery orders to date in 4 years.

2012 – Present   
Northcon Corporation, have been issued over 65 delivery orders to date.

2016 – Present   
Olgoonik Diversified Services LLC

JOC is one fixed price Design Build Contract with individual Delivery Orders issued under its umbrella. The prime contract period is one year, with option years to extend the contract. Each Delivery Order or Task Order may contain simple repairs, remodeling projects, complete building renovations, or new construction. MAWP has performed the mechanical and plumbing design build work for each of the general contractors listed above.

MAWP has efficiently produced diverse, detailed and accurate mechanical and plumbing designs and proposals in the limited time that is allowed by the JOC requirements using the PROGEN Software for over 17 years.  We have successfully proven that we have the knowledge and manpower not only to produce the detailed proposals but to perform the diverse work within the accelerated time frame. 

Over the years we have built trust and long lasting professional relationships with the Public Works JOC employees, Public Works Maintenance Department employees and building occupants and users.  We have worked closely with them to find out the users’ needs and then to see those needs are met through a successful project.

We have worked in cooperation with these contractors through all aspects of a project including:

  • Initial site visits
  • Designing and Engineering
  • Creating a line item proposal using government provided Progen software
  • Negotiations
  • Project Management, Supervision and Completion

We also have proficient experience with government paperwork requirements such as:

  • Material Submittals
  • Start-up Reports
  • DRMO receipts
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Davis-Bacon Wage Rates
  • Weekly Certified Payroll Reports

In addition to Fort Riley JOC work, we have project experiences with other general contractors who hold MATOC and JOC-MEDCOM contracts. We have also been awarded direct solicitation projects through the Fort Riley Directorate of Contracting. We are very proud of the positive working relationships we have established with the government personnel.